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Online pharmacy asks six questions about sexual function for men

Being a man is not only about having steel biceps but also having an active sex life. It seems that maintaining men’s health is not difficult, but in fact, you can face a lot of trouble if you do not follow yourself. We talked to the urologist at the canadian online pharmacy to share with you really useful information about sexual health, and asked the doctor questions that are usually embarrassing to ask out loud. The doctor also told us about harmful sexual habits and the most common diseases, sharing how to prevent them.

Why do I have an erection when I wake up in the morning?

Testosterone levels change during the day, and in the morning, the concentration of hormones in the man’s body reaches the highest degree. There are no significant differences between morning erection and evening or day erection. Its characteristic feature lies in the lack of control because, during this period of the day, the brain of a man absolutely does not control his needs, including the physiological level, so do not worry about it.

There are several theories about this, one of the main ones is hormonal. It is associated with the level of testosterone in the blood, which reaches a maximum of 5 to 9 a.m. The location of the ViaQX pharmacy has traditionally been the most important factor in determining its commercial success. Nevertheless, many consumers are no longer ready to stand in line, not to mention the discussion of their health problems in the presence of strangers. And if we add to the above the possibility of significant cost savings, then the prospects of the remote sale of Viagra is not in doubt.

Blows to the groin area are very painful, as there is a huge number of nerve endings. You can cause severe injuries if you are engaged in sports or mobile games, which include wrestling or rough techniques, without special protective gear. Therefore, it will never be superfluous to buy special protection for the groin, which is sold in all sports stores.

If you are into cycling and enjoy riding in parks, remember that excessively long cycling can cause numbness in the groin. If you feel discomfort during or after the ride, you should shorten the duration of the ride or choose a more comfortable saddle.

Is it realistic to enlarge the penis with cream or tablets?

Get that stuff out of your head! On the Internet, advertising tons of various bio-additives, tablets, and ointments, which allegedly contribute to the increase of the penis. None of these drugs has been licensed, and its use is dangerous for health. The only thing that affects its size is the rush of blood to the genitals.

Do narrow jeans affect reproductive function?

No, tight trousers or jeans will not harm your genitals, but quite another thing – constantly increased the temperature in the groin area. It is very important to keep this area dry and cool, as the humid and warm environment is favorable for the growth of bacteria and fungi. Therefore, it is necessary to dry wipe with a towel after the shower, and if necessary, to use baby powder.

A bad habit is a love of synthetic and very narrow underwear, which prevents the skin from breathing. Give preference to underwear made of natural fabrics and spacious family underpants.

If you are engaged in sports in a spandex uniform, do not forget to take a shower and change into normal clothes immediately after class.

What is the most common time men get sick?

The three most common diseases are erection problems, prostatitis, and prostate cancer. All of these diseases are treatable if diagnosed at an early stage, so it is important to see a doctor if you observe any strange symptoms and undergo regular preventive check-ups.