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Learn to Skydive

  • Tandem level 1 (includes video and pics): 19,000 Php
  • Tandem level 2 (includes video and pics): 16,500 Php
  • USPA First Jump Course: 5,000 Php
  • AFF Cat C1 (hover): 10,500 Php
  • AFF Cat C2 (legs and hover): 10,500 Php
  • AFF Cat D1 (90 deg. turns and heading): 10,500 Php
  • AFF Cat D2 (180 & 360 deg. turns and heading): 10,500 Php
  • AFF Cat E1 (solo exit and front, back flips): 10,500 Php
  • AFF Cat E2 (solo exits and barrel rolls) this jump can usually be combined with Cat E1: 10,500 Php
  • AFF Cat F1 (tracking and forward movement): 10,500 Php
  • AFF Cat F2 (5,500ft hop and pop): 9,000 Php
  • AFF Cat F3 (3,500ft hop and pop): 9,000 Php
  • Coach Jumps: 9,750 Php

Now students are cleared for solo/coach jumps until they reach 25 total skydives to achieve their USPA “A” License
Solo jump slots and gear rental rates now apply at a cost of 6,750 Php must be sharing the load with other jumpers.