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Our online services improve the quality of life and save your health by creating a high-quality system that helps to manage all your pharmaceutical needs. We give all customers equal access to our services, regardless of their place of residence and financial wealth. So if you can’t afford to buy branded medicines like Modafinil, we give you a much cheaper alternative with the same effectiveness.

Rose Pharmacy
Address: Robinsons Mall, Fuente Osmeña Cir, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu, Philippines | Phone: +63 32 253 4080 | Website: https://rose-pharmacy-fuente-osmena-cebu-city.business.site/

I should of read the comments before; pls AVOID sending your prescription to this place; they are super rude pharmacy staff not friendly at all. They really don’t care about patients. They ignore people in the drive-through. Ashiana ward was yelling at me when I was asking a simple question about my Modafinil. I never gave her a reason for her to talk to me that way, I just asked her to explain why so I could ask my insurance to fix the problem, and she just started screaming and rolling her eyes. For the 25 min I was in the store, they never answered the phone. Horrible, Horrible experience never coming to this place again.

Brandon is a great pharmacist and goes out of his way to ensure you the best Modafinil prices and friendly professional service. He takes time with you as a customer and answers any questions you have about your medicine. I am so thankful to have him and the staff at Rose Pharmacy for my pharmacy needs.

Address: #930 Salinas Drive COR Gorordo AVE. Lahug Cebu City, Cebu City, 6000, Philippines | Phone: +63 922 864 3582 | Website: https://www.generika.com.ph/

Probably a one-off moment, but we experienced terrible customer service at this business while asking if a bathroom was available. I had an item in hand, ready to become a paying customer. The staff ignored my question completely and then responded with rude looks and sighs. Only once we turned our backs on them to leave the store out of frustration did we receive a suggestion to try next door. Shockingly rude and out of place in this area of hospitality. I never write off-putting reviews of establishments, but I genuinely felt the need after this interaction. A simple “no, sorry” would have gone miles further and quickly ended the interaction.

I was running late from the lake with a wicked ear infection and called ahead to tell them I’d be there around the time they closed, and when I got there, the door was locked, but the manager was walking up to the door to wait for me. Huge respect for these guys. Thank you, GENERIKA DRUGSTORE.

Mercury Drug
Address: M. Diaz Building, Osmeña Blvd, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu, Philippines | Phone: +63 32 254 3050 | Website: https://www.mercurydrug.com/

Lazy and/or incompetent. They said they couldn’t fill a prescription on Modafinil because they didn’t have the concentration that the doctor specified. I took it to a different pharmacy and, after taking a minute to convert the units, they were able to fill it with exactly the same thing that Mercury Drug had in stock. If Mercury Drug had just taken a moment to convert the units, they would have been able to fill it without a problem. I’ll be going to CVS from now on.

Called for an appointment on a Monday got seen the next day. Barley sat down in the waiting room and was called back for my appointment. Friendly front desk, nurses, and nurse practitioners. They called my prescription in quickly. The staff made it an enjoyable experience. I will be going back.

TGP The Generics Pharmacy
Address: Doña Luisa Building, Fuente Osmeña Cir, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu, Philippines | Website: https://tgp.com.ph/

TGP The Generics Pharmacy opens and closes when it wants. So make sure you call and ask them if they will be open because even then, they will still close, messing your schedule up. They pass the phone around like a phone tag if there is an issue and, in the end, still won’t resolve it. My first impression was good. The second time my medication was lost for two weeks. The third time, I am done, and after being talked to the way I was will be taking this to BBB and anyone else.

The employees I talked to were super friendly and cheerful. One took the extra time to really go into detail to advise me about which Modafinil products to purchase. You could tell she cared and wasn’t rushed. I figured I would leave my little Review since it was well deserved to equalize the bad reviews here.